Patron Behavior

The following is excerpted from the Haysville Community Library's Policy Manual. The Policy Manual is available in full at the library.

  1. General Restrictions
    1. Shoes and shirts must be worn.
    2. Privileges may be limited for the following reasons:
      1. Damaging the library property
      2. Stealing library materials
      3. Physically harming staff or patrons
  2. Activities not allowed in the library
    1. Eating or drinking (only at the Director's discretion).
    2. Playing of audio equipment so that others may hear it.
    3. Use of tobacco products.
    4. Carrying a weapon into the library unless authorized by law. Any patron authorized to carry a weapon must notify the library staff.
    5. Bringing animals into the library except those needed to assist a patron with a disability or for use in a library sponsored programs that has been authorized by the Director.
    6. Misusing or defacing the restrooms.
    7. Leaving a child under the age of six (6) unattended in the library.

Acceptable use of the Library

It is the policy of the Haysville Community Library to provide free and equal access to our Library resources and information during open hours. In order to protect the patron’s right of access, ensure the safety of public and staff, and protect Library resources and facilities, the Library prohibits certain activities that in the judgment of management constitute unacceptable use of the library, as described below.

Any of the following actions may result in suspension or loss of Library privileges, including removal from the library and/or criminal prosecution or other legal action. Unacceptable use of the Haysville Community Library includes but is not limited to:

  1. Illegal activities, including use of the library's electronic resources for illegal or criminal purpose.
  2. Activities that present health or security risks.
  3. Interference with the use or enjoyment of the library by others.
  4. Disruption of the normal flow of library operations.
  5. Viewing or downloading visual material that by local community standards would be considered obscene.
  6. Damage or alteration of library property, including but not limited to books and other library materials; software or hardware components of a local or remote computer or computing systems; and/or use of programs that infiltrate a computer or computing systems.
  7. Defamation, uploading any harmful form of programming, vandalism, or hacking.
  8. Violation of the legal protection provided by copyright laws and licenses for print, electronic, video or digital resources, programs and data, including downloading or transmitting confidential or trade secret information.
  9. Assuming the identity of another person without the explicit authorization of the other person, including but not limited to seeking information, obtaining copies, or modifying files, data or passwords belonging to other users of the library’s electronic resources.
  10. Compromising the safety and security of minors when using email, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications, including giving out private information.


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